Garden view

We are a group of Bay Area residents who have created and are living as neighbors in a cohousing community at 445 Calderon Avenue in Mountain View, CA.

From the time of our first proposal, back in 2009, our goal has been to create a new “old-fashioned” neighborhood of upscale, energy-efficient condominiums and common facilities. Finally, by the end of 2014, construction of the new building we’d planned was far enough along that we could at last start moving in! The exciting part was that these were new homes we’d planned and designed ourselves. We’d invested much thought and time to achieve a layout that promotes collaboration and community. We’re delighted now to have settled in a convenient walkable downtown location.

Street view with Farmhouse at R

The restored 1885 Farmhouse at the entrance from the street

For other pictures of steps during construction as members and friends captured them,
click Constr Pix.